5 Tips to Relieve Interviewing Anxiety

5 Tips to Relieve Interviewing Anxiety

March 21, 2014

5 Tips to Relieve Interviewing Anxiety

Do you get nervous just thinking about an impending job interview? Do you wake up in the middle of the night worried about the potential tough or tricky questions you might be asked?

Know that you are not alone!  Most feel that the job interview is a stressful ordeal and fear something about the process.  Below are a five tips to relieve some of this anxiety;

Be Prepared – Conduct research about the position and the company, anticipate questions and act professionally.

Get there early – but not too early – Rushing, getting lost and the fear of being late will create anxiety.  Plan to arrive at least 30 minutes early by getting the directions to the location the night before (include an alternate route).  However, do not enter the building more than 15 minutes early.

Sleep well – Get a good night sleep.  Anxiety will build when you are tired and exhausted.

The Elevator Pitch – Practice role playing techniques; practice how to talk about yourself.  Your interview routine should include a 45-second blurb.  If someone says ‘Tell me about yourself’, you already have a monologue or blurb ready to go.

Know the ‘meat’ behind your resume – Preparation of knowing what you did and where will build confidence.  Prepare stories about your resume that show your personality, your strength and your work ethic.