How to Optimize your Linkedin Profile for the Job Hunt

How to Optimize your Linkedin Profile for the Job Hunt

November 25, 2013

IT professionals are in high demand. So, if you are a software engineer, business analyst, or developer, you are in luck. Hiring professionals are looking for you. However, today’s modern job market is changing the way IT staffing firms and potential employers are seeking candidates. One of the ways IT recruiters and potential employers are actively acquiring candidates is through the burgeoning social network, LinkedIn.

What Is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a social network aimed at connecting like-minded professionals, budding entrepreneurs, and business colleagues. LinkedIn primarily focuses on building business relationships, but additionally provides features such as industry news, job search functionality, and company profiles. Over 120 million professionals are currently utilizing LinkedIn to build their professional networks, so it is important to understand how to fully leverage this social platform.

What Every Good LinkedIn Profile Needs

Your LinkedIn profile is one of the initial places recruiters and potential employers will look when considering your candidacy. It is important to treat your LinkedIn profile as you would any first impression. Below are a few ways to optimize your profile, stand out among competition, and make yourself highly marketable to potential employers in the field.

Setting up a quality LinkedIn profile will help you build connections and establish a quicker and more effective way of finding your next job. Make sure you follow these simple steps, and your profile is sure to impress recruiters and potential employers.