Choosing the Right IT Staffing Partner

Choosing the Right IT Staffing Partner

September 22, 2014

During an average week a tech worker receives 23 recruiter inquiries.  Yes!  You read that correctly. That according to a recent survey of tech workers conducted by global IT services firm in which 2,424 IT workers were surveyed last quarter about how they look for jobs. The survey revealed that when a tech worker begins to consider a new job they first take stock of their skills, goals and interests. Then 96 % say they hit the job boards. While the survey results may be skewed by those who possess high-demand skill sets, the number is still incredibly high. This number most certainly highlights the fact that IT professionals can afford to be selective about which call they return and with whom they ultimately elect to work.

There is a lot to consider for workers in the IT space and Vision pays close attention to what matters most to ensure that we can compete for top IT talent just as we have been doing since we were founded in 2001. Vision’s recruiters are trained and focused in paying close attention to the things that matter most to IT workers. That means competitive, total compensation and a level of support which is delivered in a spirit of service by our Service Delivery team and Human Resource professionals that shows an appreciation for an employee’s value to the organization.

The survey revealed that respondents are most concerned with receiving details of the opportunity/position about which the recruiter is calling as well as the recruiter’s level of professionalism or recruiting IQ. Vision’s recruiters are trained to provide job seekers and potential candidates with specific details regarding the client organization, culture, project(s) detail, job description, expectations, and compensation details. Understanding those details is what compels 88% respondents to return calls and develop an interest in what we have to offer.

A high priority on the list is the level of professionalism of the recruiter and the reputation of the company. Vision recruiters are also trained to ask questions about an individual’s specific interests, wants and needs and then to carefully listen to their responses. Thus, a clear determination can be made about for the right type of opportunity for the potential candidate. “The right opportunity or fit has to exist for us to provide a candidate to a client.  It doesn’t benefit the client or the consultant if we force a match where one doesn’t exist,” says Rob Troska, Vice President and co-founder. Much of Vision’s success has to do providing enough detail and taking adequate time to ensure that everyone’s needs are met.

Vision’s salaried full-time employees receive world-class benefits from the nation’s premier providers.  The varied perks include competitive salary, benefits, professional development, rewards, job satisfaction, valuable networking, enhanced credentials, work/life balance, friendly colleagues, pride in a career are handful of the benefits you’ll get working with such a remarkable organization. Below are just a few points that set Vision apart and contribute to why we were voted one of the Top Work Places in 2011 and 2012.



Vision offers salaries that are competitive with leading companies and higher than many smaller and start-up firms.  We’d be happy to share the best way to structure your compensation to match your needs. 


Vision does not place any of their employees at a client site without support.  We have a Service Delivery team that is dedicated to advocate for our consultants, by making sure they are set up for success once being placed at a client site, by seeking and providing crucial feedback and by lending support wherever and whenever needed.


Vision is proud to say we work with some of the largest, most prestigious companies in the Mid-Atlantic market. We also have a diverse portfolio of clients, which provides our consultants with many  employment options  through our organization.


Vision promotes a culture of growth for our consultants, and recruiters.  We realize that in today’s IT market, it is crucial one stays ahead of the game, by staying up on their skills.  And we help you do just that, through our Career Development Plan, in-house trainings, networking events, and many other opportunities.

These are just a few ways Vision is the better option for IT professionals seeking a better opportunity.  Vision sees the value in our consultants, which is why we do everything we can to make sure they are set up for success with our organization.

To quote our CEO, Scott Cerasoli, “let’s continue to move people forward.”