Phone Interview Guidelines

Phone Interview Guidelines

March 14, 2016

Phone interviews can be tricky, but are often the first step to getting hired. Below are a few tips on how to prepare and succeed in your next call.

 1. Be Prepared!

Have the job description and your resume handy for the phone call. Write down whatever questions or comments your have for the interviewer and be ready to jot down useful information during the call.

 2. Find the Right Spot.

Make sure you are in a quiet, comfortable place, where you can focus. You don’t want any distractions or to be in a position to be interrupted. The employer expects just as much attention from you on the phone has they would in a face-to-face interview.

 3. Slow, but Succinct.

Be careful not to rush through your responses. Nerves can run high when you’re under the pressure of a phone interview, so make sure to breathe and speak slowly. Just be careful not to fall into the trap of speaking too leisurely and droning on and on. Give strong, short answers to questions and speak at a normal pace.

 4.  It’s All about Tone.

Because you do not have the advantage of meeting in person, you must be very careful to keep your tone light, but professional. You cannot rely on body language to get you through this process, so take extra care in the way in which you speak to this person. Be sure to use a formal greeting with your name when you answer your phone, as well.

 5. Don’t Sweat It!

While phone interviews need to be taken just as seriously as in-person interviews, there is certainly no reason to stress over them. Yes, you are at a disadvantage by not being able to look them in the eye while you’re speaking. However, you can still have a great interview and stand out amongst other candidates. Be professional, but still let them see what kind of person you are. An engaging conversation is a major factor in getting invited to an on-site interview.

 6. Thank You.

Consider sending a thank you email after your phone call. While it is not necessarily expected, it is a polite gesture and may make you a little more memorable amongst other interviews. Keep the thank you short and sweet. For example, “Thank you for speaking with me this morning. After our phone call, my interest in the position remains high and I look forward to moving along in this process with you. Have a wonderful rest of your day. ”This shows them that you value their time and would be a pleasant person to have on staff. A little bit goes a long way.