Top Candidates through Our Vision Quality Focus

Over the years, we’ have refined a practice discipline—what we call a Focus, or a business process model—to present you with only the most qualified candidates. Every Vision consultant candidate undergoes this eight-step process. Our purpose: enabling you to make the right hire, the first time.

And Vision Technology Services’ candidate selection process begins with you. We will facilitate discussion and documentation of your needs relating to each requirement. We prefer to meet with your project or hiring manger and articulate agreed-upon criteria for success. We garner a clear picture of project objectives and the competencies necessary to achieve them. We want to understand the stated as well as the unstated.

To create a pool of qualified candidates, we tap our own bench, our extensive referral sources, Vision’s proprietary database, and our extensive personal networks. We reach out to candidates online through social and professional networking sites, job boards, and this Web site.

Candidates who claim appropriate qualifications then are screened over the phone and in person to assess their technical and business experience and understand their career objectives. We match competencies and candidate appetites against the position requirements and your cultural priorities.

We validate employment and performance history and perform background checks as appropriate.

This means that the only Vision candidates you see are well qualified and well prepared; ready for you to assess quickly their correlation to your requirements and cultural priorities.

A well-defined objective; a rigorous, disciplined process; careful follow-through; and team support all contribute to measurable improvement in the effectiveness and efficiency of your hiring process. In the end, it’s faster, less costly, and less risky. Your internal clients are satisfied and your business results show it.

Dedicated Recruiting Teams

Vision’s recruiting team’s top priority is to identify, screen, qualify, and present candidates that meet your specific requirements. Our team is structured by technical skill set and client industry specialization. This promotes IT subject matter expertise in your industry among our recruiters. It strengthens our insight and knowledge about your specific business, technologies, and business objectives. And it’s essential to ensure technical and cultural matches. When needed, your dedicated team will have the support of Vision’s entire recruiting organization.

Pipeline Management

Vision’s ongoing recruiting strategy is to maintain a “pipeline” of pre-qualified candidates who meet your routine requirements. Maintaining a pipeline eliminates significant time associated with completing successive consultant search and qualification processes. Our dedicated recruiting team maintains relationships with candidates who that fit your requirements so that we deliver only the most qualified professionals as quickly as possible.

Vision Technology Services’ proven recruiting processes are designed to save you considerable time and cost-per-hire expense associated with candidate recruitment, screening, interviewing, and selection.

Pledged to Consultant Success through Our Service Delivery Focus

Candidate selection is about narrowing the field to a select few. Vision’s Service Delivery Focus, on the other hand, is about expansion: broadening each consultant’s performance, contribution, and value to your team. Along with our on-going commitment to build competencies, capabilities, and our consultants’ engagement with your project, we are prepared to bring vital project and personnel management tools to bear, customizing our on-going supervision and support according to your preferences.

Depending on your requirements, we can support practices that establish clear, realistic project and performance objectives for our consultants, as well as standards for assessing the responsiveness of our Service Deliver Manager.

We work hard to keep feedback loops open and continually gauge our performance and that of our consultants against agreed-upon Service Level Objectives. When the project ends, we are anxious to learn from our experience with you.

In the end, Service Delivery is about value for you and growth for our consultants and yes, for Vision. It’s about the perfect alignment of our objectives with yours, and that is the best formula for partnership.

Enhancing Execution

Our Service Delivery team operates on four core principles inherent in effective project execution:

1. Setting Clear Goals and Priorities

Goal setting begins with the consultant selection process and your project requirements. Throughout our relationship, the Vision team is trained to clearly define and measure the outcomes we strive to achieve together. Members of the Vision team remain closely involved throughout each consultant engagement.

2. Follow Through

The Vision team promotes open sharing of information to continually improve our performance and to provide effective problem solving solutions. We gather your feedback related to consultant performance at specified intervals throughout the engagement. Our Service Delivery Manager provides specific expertise and support while monitoring consultant feedback and performance.

Even as we work closely with you, we maintain a professional and career development plan for each Vision consultant. Annual performance and compensation reviews provide Vision consultants with documented feedback related to performance and work habits. In addition, the process yields consultant feedback related to Vision, the work environment, opportunities to improve productivity, and career development.

3. Expanding People’s Capabilities: Professional Development for Vision Consultants

Vision is dedicated to expanding the capabilities of our consultants as well as our clients. As Vision consultants expand your capabilities now, we promote professional development for our consultants.

Vision’s commitment is to prepare our employees to manage the most current methods and technologies they will confront in the workplace. We offer our employees a variety of Professional Development options ranging from Web-based training and certification courses to instructor-led seminars and classroom training.

Together, Vision consultants have amassed centuries of project management experience. They are encouraged to share this know-how through individual and team interaction as well as through online resources.

4. Rewarding the Doers: Performance Rewards and Project Completion Bonuses

We believe that rewarding our employees for their efforts is paramount to the success of your project, the success of our consultants, and the success of Vision Technology Services. Appropriate and timely rewards promote project continuity and allow us to maintain a long-term, dedicated staff. That translates into superior client service for you.

Vision offers performance rewards and project completion bonuses. For example, our monthly Vision Focus award recognizes consultant achievements above and beyond client expectations. Focus award winners are recognized throughout the company for their accomplishments.

We also believe in team rewards and having some fun together. We conduct numerous social events each year to recognize our consultants’ efforts. Consultant luncheons and quarterly “What’s Next?” meetings strengthen vital relationships, build cohesiveness, improve alignment with cultural and strategic priorities, and strengthen employee engagement. We strive constantly to create opportunities to explore technical issues and celebrate our achievements.

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